To produce knitted fabric of supreme quality, it is impetrative that superior quality raw material is procured at competitive prices. At Amknitwear finest quality yarn in the market is procured for our in house knitting.

Fleece Machines

We have dedicated a complete unit of machines for fleece fabrics with additional capability to produce heavy single jersey fabric as well. A variety of fabric such as plain, cross, sueded, textured fleece can be produced at our versatile facility.

Single jersey machines

Single knit fabric is knitted on four track machines. These machines can produce fabric such as single jersey, P.Q, mesh, drop needle jersey, bird eye jersey etc. also has Lycra attachment equipment for best fabric stretch recovery.

Iner Lock Machines

Drop needle and feeder stripe fabric are mostly produced on our inter lock machines which have the capability to produce rib fabrics in addition to Interlock fabrics.

Fabric Inspection

Our knitting units are producing fabrics of excellent quality with minimum defects. Additionally, an online 100 percent fabric inspection system is in function to meet the international quality parameters as required by most of our customers.